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Important Updates

Draft Legislation for REZ

The Minister for Energy and Renewables released draft legislation for public consultation on 19 July 2024 that will allow for the development of renewable energy zones in Tasmania. To find out more please go to the ReCFIT website.

Please note: the development of legislation for renewable energy zones is a separate process to the public consultation currently underway on the proposed North West REZ. This consultation is still scheduled to close on Wednesday 11 September 2024. Please see more information on this below.

Extended North West REZ Consultation

We have received a lot of feedback about extending the consultation period on the Proposed North West REZ. We understand that the original timeframe was quite limited and didn't give the community enough time to have their say.

The consultation period has been extended, now closing at 11:59pm Wednesday, 11 September 2024.

We hope this extended period will allow more time for everyone to contribute, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Energy in Tasmania

Tasmania has been able to meet 100% of its electricity needs by renewable energy since 2020. However, Tasmania’s electricity demand is growing. We are seeing electrification of everything from stovetops to factories; all need renewable energy to power them. This, alongside Tasmania’s projected population growth make it clear the state needs to generate more renewable energy.

The Tasmanian Government has been exploring ways to meet this extra energy demand that protects Tasmanian environmental values, supports industry, and benefits Tasmanian communities.

Renewable Energy Zones (REZ) are a way to achieve this.

Establishing REZ in Tasmania

REZ coordinate new wind, solar, transmission and battery storage projects in areas of abundant renewable resources, while protecting environmental, cultural and social values.

Proposed REZ Area Consultation

The Tasmanian Government has released a proposed REZ Area for consultation. Shown on the map below, the area is the result of a detailed analysis process and community feedback.

Click on the links below to learn what REZ means for you