The Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) is playing a key role in the establishment of Tasmania’s first Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

The group consists of representatives from local government, interest groups and community. It is split across two geographically based groups to encourage active participation in workshops and limit travel for participants across a wide region.

The SRG’s role is to provide advice on important aspects of a future REZ, by providing us with a sense of place, informing us of community values and what is important to the north west when considering future renewable energy development. The group offers insights into how this development can provide meaningful and lasting community benefits.

Inputs and advice from the group will inform a Future Directions Paper to Government, which will be open for broader public consultation during 2024. These inputs will assist Government in decision making about establishing Tasmania’s first Renewable Energy Zone.

SRG Members of the West north west group

SRG Members of the West north west

Central North West

Romy Greiner - Community member

Chris Griffin - Northern Tasmania Development Corporation

Regional Development Australia, Tasmania

Alan Bradford - Advance West Northwest

Iona Flett - Cradle Coast Authority

Central Coast Council

Greg Fenwick - Kentish Council

Matthew Skirving - Devonport Council

West North West

Elizabeth Ettlin - Community member

Xander Power - Community member

John McNab - Community member

Jeremy Ward - Community member

John Bruce - Community member

Brenton Hosking - Community member

Victoria Cotton - Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation

Skye Thompson - West Coast Council

Daniel Summers - Waratah/Wynyard Council

Vanessa Adams - Circular Head Council