Renewable Energy Zone Market Offering

ReCFIT has been working with industry to develop a REZ market design and policy framework that could apply to REZ in Tasmania. This work has also considered how such an approach could be applied to the Proposed REZ. Market design elements considered as part of this include:

  • REZ infrastructure and delivery timing;
  • Triggers for a REZ to be taken forward;
  • Access arrangements;
  • Cost recovery options;
  • Enabling legislative and regulatory frameworks; and
  • Alignment with national reforms.

ReCFIT will continue to engage with proponents about how a REZ model could operate and the type of offering that may apply.

Community Benefit Sharing

A regional Community Benefit Sharing (CBS) scheme is a key aspect of the priority candidate REZ. As a renewable energy developer, community benefits are an essential component of gaining social license and being a good neighbour and corporate citizen.

A regional CBS scheme provides a framework co-designed with community that can address strategic priorities (such as social services and housing) along with more localised benefits. This means that industry contributions as part of the regional CBS scheme will be allocated to what the community has identified as important.

Renewable Energy Approvals Pathway

In early 2024, the Tasmanian Government announced the Renewable Energy Approval Pathway (REAP), a key action under the Renewable Energy Coordination Framework. Visit the ReCFIT website to learn more.