What is the ask?

We want to hear about places that are important to local people and places where you think renewables may be placed in your region. By understanding places of value we can ensure they are considered in the planning of renewable energy zones.

How will we do this?

We will collect this information using the interactive mapping tool. We will also have hard copy maps located at local libraries in the north west region.

The initiative will be open for contributions for the month of July.

What will we do with the information?

This information will input into our broader spatial mapping process which aims to identify candidate renewable energy zones considering other attributes like the quality of the renewable resource (e.g. wind), existing land uses, the location of other resources (e.g. mining, forestry), environmental attributes (protected flora and fauna), heritage and cultural values.

We will publish a map of candidate REZ areas for public consultation in the second half of the year. As part of this process you will have another opportunity to comment on the candidate areas. These opportunities for input will inform the Government’s decision on a priority candidate REZ.

In parallel with the work identifying a first Tasmanian REZ, we will work with locals to identify ways to minimise impacts (or opportunities to enhance) important places, including through community benefit sharing.

The Government’s intent is to announce a first REZ by the end of 2023.