Exploring the north west

The north west of Tasmania will be the first region to be explored in detail for its potential to host the state's first Renewable Energy Zone (REZ).

We believe that REZ's have the potential to deliver a range of excellent outcomes for Tasmanian communities. The investigation into the north west will require understanding how it can be done well from a local perspective and what communities expect in the way of benefits if they are to host a REZ.

Community consultation is now occurring, and we invite you to engage with us and provide a voice for your community.

To Find out why we are exploring the north west first, view the Options Analysis Report HERE

What is REZ?

Tasmania’s renewable powerhouse vision commits to sustainably growing our renewable energy generation to 200% by 2040. This includes establishing Renewable Energy Zones which will coordinate the required future investment in renewable energy in our State, considering existing land uses, environmental and heritage values.

REZ will help secure Tasmania’s future energy needs, deliver minimum cost energy, strengthen our economy through new investment and jobs, while maintaining net zero emissions.

Partnering with regional communities is central to this vision, the outcome will be a renewable energy future powered by us. Find out more about Government Policy to support this vision.

What is a REZ infographic: 1) Great Renewable Resource. 2) Coexists sustainably with our environment and culture. 3) Benefits our communities. 4) Supports green industry development and net zero emissions.

Establishing REZ

Tasmania’s Renewable Energy Zones will be designed by working with communities, industry and stakeholders. To do this, we will understand, plan and design regional solutions that will bring lasting local benefits. Priority areas will be identified which have optimal conditions for renewable energy generation, storage and transmission, taking into consideration social, environmental, economic and technical needs. Community engagement will be ongoing to provide opportunities for input and collaboration.

We have finished phase one and moving into phase two of the establishment process - engaging to define zone based on community input. Below is a diagram outlining the phases in the REZ establishment process.

REZ Establishment infographic: 1) Research potential zone. 2) Engage to define zone. 3)Engage on transmission corridors. 4) Construction. 5) Zone in operation.

The benefits of REZ

Renewable Energy Zones will coordinate new renewable energy generation, transmission and storage in such a way that is going to be most appropriate and beneficial for Tasmania.

The Government will engage with REZ stakeholders and communities to deliver local, regional and state-wide benefits, including opportunities for local businesses in the project delivery supply chain, construction jobs and ongoing employment and new funding for regions.

As a first step we have produced a detailed set of guidelines showcasing how communities can benefit from renewable energy development and the expectations of best practice from industry, ensuring renewable energy generation projects put back into their host communities.

the benefits of REZ infographic:  Communities:  - Helps keep energy costs to a minimum  - Jobs for Tasmanians  - Create training, re-skilling and job opportunities  - Support for important community initiatives and projects to build the vitality of our co